Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Why does a Diabetic Foot Syndrome occur?

The term diabetic foot syndrome describes all changes associated with diabetes induced changes in vascularization and sensibility.

What Forms of Diabetic Foot Syndrome are there?

Reduced vascularization and impaired sensibility of the foot lead to a progressive foot beakdown (WAGNER 1979)

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What are the consequences of a Diabetic Foot Syndrome?

The progressive foot breakdown leads to increasing functional impairment with reduction of mobility and thus overall patient activities. 

How can you manage a Diabetic Foot Syndrome?

Prevention, Diagnosis and therapy of diabetic food syndrome  is carried out by a multidisciplinary treatment team at wound care in Dubai, using a common language for diagnosis and documentation and a holistic management concept, which is based on;

Avoidance/prevention of decubitus

The best wound treatment in Dubai for diabetic foot is to avoid it(prevention). The following principles have proven themselves:

1) effective diabetic care with adequate blood glucose level (HBE)

2) skin care

3) skin control (diabetes mirror)

4) Elimination or reduction of risk factors (good soft shoes with inlay)


A standardized control and standardized documentation is necessary, to detect early changes


If there is a manifest diabetic food syndrome, this first means that the measures to avoid it (prevention) were not sufficient. Diabetic foot syndrome therapy is based on:

– Systemic therapy (blood glucose level control)

– Optional additional therapy (improvement of vascularization)

– Local therapy (local ulcer care)

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