Not all wounds are same

Not all wounds are same

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Wound Treatment in Dubai

Why do Chronic Wounds and Problem Wounds develop?

Chronic wounds and problem wounds have different causes, such as infection, poor blood supply, pressure, trauma, tumor, etc. It is difficult to understand the cause and effect, therefore, it’s advisable to consult a specialist for wound treatment in Dubai.

What forms of Chronic Wounds and Problem Wounds are there?

There are a multitude of different chronic and problem wounds, you should consult a specialist for to understand it’s type for the right wound treatment in Dubai. From a clinical view, it is very useful to distinguish the following: 

  • Classic Chronic Wounds: (“the big 3”) There are 3 classic chronic wounds, which account for more than 90% of all chronic wounds
  • Problem Wounds: there are chronic wounds, that need special, standardized treatment, by different specialities 
  • Tumor Wounds: Adequate care is important for the overall quality of life

What are the consequences of Wounds?

Chronic and problem wounds present a great challenge because they:  
    • occur at any age, from newborns to the elderly
    • are constantly increasing in medical and economic importance
    • affection of the patient by 
      • pain
      • bad smell (odor)
      • functional impairment
      • mental impairment
    • affection of people around the patient (physical and mental stress)
    Consult Prof Dr Robert Hierner for chronic wound care Dubai and diabetic wound care Dubai.
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